A responsible global group

A commitment to operating responsibly and promoting sustainable development is intrinsic to Fiat Group’s tradition and values.

Over time that commitment has led to a sustainability strategy that is integrated with the Group’s business model and provides the impetus for initiatives that respond to the diverse and constantly evolving needs of the stakeholders. Those initiatives range from developing solutions that will lead to increasingly sustainable mobility, conservation of the environment and natural resources by reducing the impact of production processes, safeguarding the health and safety of employees, encouraging the professional development of employees, and working continuously to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship with local communities and business partners.

Every year, the Sustainability Report and Sustainability Plan provide transparent and concrete communication of the Group’s commitments to stakeholders.

The Plan, which is updated annually, presents the principal areas of action and measurable targets that guide the Group’s daily operating activities.

Now in its 9th edition, for the second year the Sustainability Report also incorporates information on Chrysler Group’s sustainability performance, as part of a joint commitment to integrating strategies, while at the same time preserving the unique identity of each organization.

Despite an increasingly competitive global landscape and unfavorable economic conditions in certain regions, the Group has maintained its commitment to responsible leadership and continued to invest in research and development activities aimed at the design, production and distribution of sustainable products and services. The Group considers its commitment to operate in a responsible manner essential to maintaining its competitiveness and, in so doing, creating long-term value for stakeholders.

The Group’s efforts and the results achieved have been recognized by leading sustainability rating agencies and other international organizations.

For the fourth consecutive year, Fiat S.p.A. was named as a sustainability leader, maintaining its place in the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Index World and Europe that only admit companies judged best-in-class in terms of economic, environmental and social performance. Fiat received a score of 91/100 from RobecoSAM AG, specialists in sustainability investing, compared with an average of 74/100 for the pool of “Automobiles” sector companies analyzed.

The Group’s leadership was also recognized by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), an international not-for-profit organization, which operates on behalf of 655 institutional investors holding more than USD 78 trillion in assets. Every year companies around the world are scored using a methodology developed by CDP, in collaboration with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, which evaluates the quality of their disclosure and performance in relation to CO2 emissions, risks and opportunities presented by climate change and actions taken to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Already recognized in 2011 as one of the global leaders for its commitment and results in combating climate change, in November 2012 Fiat S.p.A. was admitted to the Italy 100 Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) and the Italy 100 Carbon Performance Leadership Index (CPLI), receiving the highest score for transparency in disclosure (95/100) and the maximum score (“A”) for its commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Both scores confirm that reducing the environmental impact of its activities is an integral part of Fiat Group’s overall business strategy. The CDLI includes companies from among the largest 100 in the FTSE Italia All-Share that demonstrate the greatest level of transparency in their disclosure to stakeholders of actions and strategies to combat climate change. The CPLI, on the other hand, includes companies that have demonstrated the greatest commitment in reducing carbon emissions.

Also in November, Oekom Research, one of the world’s leading sustainability rating agencies, confirmed Fiat S.p.A.’s “Prime” status, which is awarded to companies that are sustainability leaders in their sector.

Fiat S.p.A. is also one of an elite group of companies included in the Advanced Sustainability Performance Eurozone Index (ASPI Eurozone®), which is recognized as one of the leading sustainability indexes. It is used by the growing community of Socially Responsible Investors (SRIs) to define sustainable investment universes, benchmark their investment performance or to create index-linked products.

Since November 2012, Fiat S.p.A. has also been a member of the Vigeo Europe 120 index, established in collaboration with NYSE Euronext, which includes companies rated highest in ESG performance based on an analysis of nearly 330 different indicators.

Fiat S.p.A. is also a member of several other major sustainability indexes, including: ECPI Euro Ethical Equity, ECPI EMU Ethical Equity, FTSE ECPI Italia SRI Benchmark, FTSE ECPI Italia SRI Leaders, Ethibel Excellence Europe, Ethibel Excellence Euro, STOXX® Global ESG Leaders, STOXX Global ESG Environmental Leaders, STOXX Global ESG Social Leaders, STOXX Global ESG Governance Leaders, MSCI ACWI Index (formerly Controversial Weapons Index) and related regional indexes.

In recent years, SRIs, who look at financial, social and environmental considerations as part of their investment strategy, have demonstrated increasing appreciation for the Group’s sustainability achievements. As a consequence, as of November 2012 they held approximately 6% of Fiat S.p.A.’s free-float shares.

As a result of the increasing integration of sustainability-related issues in the Group’s business model, this year’s Annual Report includes a more expanded sustainability section. The objective is to further increase the level of information available to stakeholders and progressively move toward a fully-integrated reporting format.

More detailed information on Fiat Group’s sustainability activities is available in the 2012 Sustainability Report, audited by the independent certification organization SGS Italia S.p.A.

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