9. Other unusual income/(expenses)

In 2012 other unusual expense of €145 million consists mainly of costs arising from disputes relating to operations terminated in prior years, costs related to the termination of the joint venture Sevelnord Société Anonyme and to the process of rationalising relations with certain suppliers.

Other unusual income amounted to €2,100 million in 2011. Of this, €1,729 million related to the gain resulting from the measurement at fair value of the investment of 30% in Chrysler held before the acquisition of control and €288 million to the valuation of the right to receive an additional ownership interest of 5% following the occurrence of the Ecological Event. In 2011, Other unusual income also included a gain of €69 million on Other post-employment benefits arising from a plan amendment associated with a Chrysler legal services plan which will terminate in 2013.

Other unusual expenses, amounting to €1,075 million in 2011, included €220 million relating to the revaluation of the inventories of Chrysler on initial consolidation as the consequence of measuring the identifiable assets acquired and identifiable liabilities assumed at fair value, this item was recognised as an expense in the income statement in June of the same year as a result of the rapid turnover of inventories. The amount of €855 million arising from the other regions and operating segments (mainly the EMEA region) was principally the result of the process for the strategic realignment of the manufacturing and commercial activities of Fiat with those of Chrysler, which accelerated further following the acquisition of control, as well as the realignment of certain minor activities. The above-mentioned amount included the write-down of Goodwill by €224 million, of Development costs by €161 million, and of certain Fixed assets by €302 million.

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