Mass-market brands


Commercial Performance

Passenger Car and Truck Shipments by Market
(units in thousands)
2012 2011 (*) Change
nited States
1,748 1,453 20%
Canada 255 233 9%
Mexico  98 81 22%
Contract Manufacturing(**) and other 14 16 -13%
Total 2,115 1,783 19%
Passenger Car and Truck Shipments by Brand
(units in thousands)
2012 2011 (*) Change %
Jeep 548 479 14%
Dodge 717 619 16%
Chrysler 347 280 24%
Ram 423 351 21%
Fiat 66 38 74%
Contract Manufacturing (**) and other
14 16 -13%
Total 2,115 1,783 19%

(*) Pro-forma calculation including Chrysler shipments as if consolidated from 1 January 2011.
(**) Vehicles produced for other automakers, including Fiat Group Automobiles.

Vehicle shipments in the NAFTA region totaled 2,115,000 units in 2012, representing a 19% increase over 2011 on a pro-forma basis. In the U.S., shipments totaled 1,748,000 vehicles (up 20% over 2011 on a pro-forma basis), in Canada 255,000 (+9%), and in Mexico 98,000 (+22%).

Sales2 in the NAFTA region totaled 1,989,000 vehicles for the full year, an increase of 18% over 2011. In the U.S., sales grew 21% to 1,652,000 units and the Group closed the year with 33 consecutive months of yearover- year sales gains. In Canada, sales increased 6% to 244,000 vehicles, and in Mexico, sales were up 10% to 93,000 vehicles.

(2) “Sales” represent sales to end customers as reported by the Chrysler dealer network.

Industry Sales by Market
(units in thousands)
2012 2011 Change
United States
14,786 13.041 13%
Canada 1,714 1.618 6%
Mexico  1,024 937 9%

The U.S. vehicle market was up 13% in 2012 to 14.8 million vehicles. Group share increased to 11.2% from 10.5% for the prior year. The Jeep brand posted its best annual sales since 2007, gaining 13% over the prior year to 474,000 vehicles led by strong results for the Grand Cherokee (+21%) and Wrangler (+16%). Dodge, the Group’s number one selling brand in the U.S., posted sales of 525,000 vehicles for the year, up 16% over 2011 driven primarily by the Avenger (+51%), Journey (+44%), Grand Caravan (+28%) and the new Dodge Dart (25,000 vehicles sold since launch). The Ram Truck brand posted a sales increase of 17% to 301,000 vehicles and the Ram pickup truck showed sales increases for both light-duty and heavy-duty models. Chrysler brand sales totaled 308,000 vehicles for 2012, an increase of 39% over the prior year with particularly strong performances from the Chrysler 300 (+95%) and 200 (+44%).

The Canadian vehicle market grew 6% in 2012 to 1.7 million vehicles. The Group’s total market share was 14.2% for the year (14.3% in 2011). Key performers included the Chrysler 200 (+97%) and 300 (+89%), and the Jeep Wrangler (+21%).

Fiat 500 sales in the U.S. and Canada totaled 52,000 vehicles for the year, compared to 25,000 vehicles in 2011 when the vehicle was launched.

Products and Awards

The Ram 1500 pickup was named Motor Trend’s 2013 “Truck of the Year”, “2013 North American Truck/Utility of the Year”, AOL Autos “Truck of the Year” and Detroit Free Press “Truck of the Year”. The Texas Auto Writers Association also named the Ram 1500 “Truck of Texas” and the Jeep Grand Cherokee “SUV of Texas”. Overall, the Ram Truck and Jeep brands won eight of the 19 awards presented.

Launched in the second quarter, the Dodge Dart has already won numerous awards, including making Kelley Blue Book’s list of “Top 10 Cars of the 2012 Detroit Auto Show”, winning the Autoweek Editors’ Choice Award as the auto show’s “Most Significant Vehicle”, and being named “Compact Car of Texas” by the Texas AutoWriters Association. Kelley Blue Book’s and Consumer Guide® Automotive also named the Dart one of the “10 Coolest Cars Under $18,000”, along with the Fiat 500.
Twelve Chrysler Group models made the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s (IIHS) annual list of “Top Safety Picks” and five models  received the 2013 Consumer Guide® Automotive “Best Buy” Award.


Commercial Performance

Passenger Car and LCV Shipments
(units in thousands)
2012 2011(*) Change
Brazil 845 778 9%
Argentina 84 98 -15%
Venezuela 9 9 -
41 43 -5%
Total 979 929 5%
(*) Pro-forma calculation including Chrysler shipments as if consolidated from 1 January 2011.
Passenger Car and LCV Industry Sales
(units in thousands)
2012 2011 Change
Brazil 3,635 3,426 6%
Argentina 805 817 -1%
Venezuela 108 101 7%
1,295 1,243 4%
Total 5,843 5,587 5%

In 2012, shipments in the LATAM region totaled 979,000 units, representing an increase of 5% over the prior year (on a pro-forma basis) and the Group’s all-time record in the region. The Brazilian market reacted positively to government stimulus measures that were introduced in May and remained in place through the end of 2012. Those measures will be gradually phased out during the first half of 2013.

To encourage continued and disciplined growth of the domestic car industry, the Brazilian government launched a new automotive regime (Inovar Auto Program) for the period 2013 to 2017. This program provides a range of tax incentive schemes for investments dedicated to improvements in energy efficiency and localized R&D and engineering to promote the country’s technological development. Fiat is well positioned to participate in and benefit from this program.

In Brazil, the passenger car and LCV market was up 6% over 2011 to 3,635,000 units. Group sales increased 11% to 845,000 units from 760,000 in 2011 (on a pro-forma basis), representing an all-time record for the Group in Brazil.

The Group marked its 11th consecutive year as market leader, outpacing sustained market growth with overall share up 1.1 p.p. to 23.3%, and demonstrating its ability to respond rapidly to increases in market demand. The Group’s best-selling products continued to perform well, led by the continued success of the Palio and Novo Uno. Fiat retained its leadership in the A and B segments with a combined share of 30.2%. The Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge and Ram brands posted strong sales performance with a combined year-over-year increase of 32%.

The Group shipped a total of 845,000 passenger cars and LCVs in Brazil, representing a 9% year-over-year increase.

In Argentina, the market was down 1% over the prior year to 805,000 units. Group sales decreased 10% to 85,000 units, with market share at 10.6% (-1.0 p.p.). Shipments were down 15% over the prior year to approximately 84,000 units. Throughout the year, both sales and shipments were affected by the reduced product availability associated with customs delays for imported vehicles and components.

In other LATAM markets, shipments totaled approximately 50,000 units (-4% versus 2011).

During the fourth quarter, significant progress was made with the new plant in Goiana (Pernambuco, Brazil) that, once fully operational, will increase the Group’s production capacity in Brazil by 250,000 units a year.

Products and Awards

During the first quarter, Fiat launched the new Grand Siena in Brazil, which was received favorably by customers and the automotive press, and Chrysler Group introduced the new 3.6-liter Jeep Wrangler, the Chrysler 300C, the Ram 1500 pickup truck and the significantly refreshed Jeep Compass.

In the second quarter, Fiat launched the new Palio Weekend, the Strada and the significantly refreshed Siena EL. The Palio and Siena families together accounted for 20% of Fiat’s total annual sales in Brazil and the Strada posted its 12th straight year as the best-selling small pickup.
In July, Fiat brand launched the new Punto in Brazil and Dodge launched the all-new 2013 Dodge Dart in Puerto Rico.

Brazil’s leading car magazine, Quatro Rodas, named six Fiat brand cars and LCVs to its “Best Buy” list. The Punto and Bravo placed 1st and 2nd, respectively, in the domestic sports car category. Also named Best Buy in their respective categories were the Mille, new Palio, Grand Siena and Freemont.


Commercial Performance

Passenger Car and LCV Shipments
(units in thousands)
2012 2011(*) Change
China 54 40 35%
South Korea
4 3 33%
15 11 36%
Australia 23 15 53%
7 5 40%
Total 103 74 39%
(*) Pro-forma calculation including Chrysler shipments as if consolidated from 1 January 2011.
Passenger Car and LCV Industry Sales
(units in thousands)
2012 2011 Variazione
14,185.0 13,075.3 8%
South Korea
1,306.8 1,316.3 -1%
4,572.3 3,524.8 30%
Australia 1,056.4 954.8 11%
2,664.5 2,444.2 9%
Total 23,785.0 21,315.4 12%

Vehicle shipments in the APAC region (excluding JVs) totaled approximately 103,000 units for 2012, up 39% over the prior year (on a pro-forma basis).

Demand increased in most of the Group’s key markets (India, China, Japan, Australia), but contracted slightly in South Korea.

The Group’s retail sales, including JVs, totaled approximately 115,500 units for the year, a 28% increase over 2011 (compared to 12% for the market), mainly driven by strong performance in China (+45%), Australia (+50%), \Japan (+35%) and the ASEAN region (+60%). The Jeep brand accounted for 64% of APAC sales, almost doubling volumes over the prior year with particularly strong performances in China (+107%) and Australia (+93%). The Fiat Viaggio, launched in September, was well-received by customers in China and it accounted for nearly a third of total Group sales in China in the fourth quarter.


The Fiat Viaggio, the Group’s latest product offering in the region, began appearing in Chinese dealerships in September following the world premiere at the Beijing Auto Show earlier in the year. The first C-class sedan to be produced locally by the Group, the Fiat Viaggio is assembled through the joint venture with Guangzhou Automobile Group in Changsha. Demand grew rapidly and by the end of the fourth quarter the Viaggio had already established itself as the Group’s second best-selling vehicle in China (after the Jeep Compass). In terms of network development, plans are underway to double the number of Fiat dealerships in China by the end of 2013.

The Chrysler brand also returned to the Chinese and Japanese markets in 2012. Making its comeback appearance at the Beijing Auto Show in April, the all-new Chrysler 300C was launched in China in Q3 followed by the Chrysler Grand Voyager in Q4. In Japan, during the fourth quarter Chrysler launched the Ypsilon, the first small hatchback in the brand’s lineup.

During the year, the SRT8 and Overland Summit versions of the Jeep Grand Cherokee were also launched across the region.

Other initiatives to strengthen the Group’s presence in the APAC region included the formation of a new Fiat company to take over the commercial and distribution activities for the Fiat brand in India, previously managed through a JV with Tata. The distribution network is currently being reorganized under the new company. All activities relating to vehicle and powertrain production will continue to be conducted through the joint venture.

In Australia, 2012 saw the further integration of activities, with Chrysler Australia taking over distribution for the Fiat (cars and LCVs), Alfa Romeo and Abarth brands from May 1st. As a result, the existing Chrysler distribution network was expanded by 17 car dealerships and 22 commercial vehicle outlets.

On the industrial development side, agreements were reached in the first half of 2012 for the Indian JV to supply up to 328,000 1.3-liter diesel engines to Suzuki and Premier over a period of three years.


Commercial Performance

Passenger Car and LCV Shipments by Market
(units in thousands)
2012 2011(*) Change
France 82.2 111.1 -26%
Germany 109.6 123.8 -11%
UK 71.2 65.8 8%
Italy 446.9 558.5 -20%
Spain 27.3 30.6 -11%
Poland 24.5 28.6 -14%
Rest of Europe
134.1 165.6 -19%
Europe (UE27 + EFTA) 895.8 1,084.0 -17%
115.8 95.6 21%
Total Sales
1,011.6 1,179.6 -14%
Associates and JVs
87.9 141.1 -38%
Grand Total
1,099.5 1,320.7 -17%
(*) Pro-forma calculation including Chrysler shipments as if consolidated from 1 January 2011.

Vehicle shipments in the EMEA region totaled 1,012,000 units for the year, a decrease of 14% over 2011 (on a pro-forma basis). Passenger car shipments were down 14% to 810,000 vehicles and LCV shipments were down 15% to 202,000. For passenger cars, the decrease was primarily attributable to contractions in market demand. The impact on Group shipments was particularly significant in Italy (-80,200 units or -17%), Germany (-12,600 units or -17%) and France (-23,000 units or -30%). For other major markets, there was a modest decrease in Spain, but an increase in the UK (+5,100 units or +9%). For LCVs, the year-over-year drop involumes was almost entirely attributable to the severe market contraction in Italy.

Passenger Car Industry Sales
(units in thousands)
2012 2011 Change
France 1,898.8 2,204.2 -14%
Germany 3,082.5 3,173.6 -3%
2,044.6 1,941.3 5%
Italy 1,402.1 1,749.7 -20%
Spain 699,6 808.1 -13%
Poland 273.6 277.4 -1%
Europe (UE27 +EFTA) 12,528.0 13,593.0 -8%

In Europe (EU27+EFTA), the passenger car market registered an 8% decrease over the prior year to 12.5 million vehicles, the lowest level since 1995.
Year-over-year declines were registered in nearly all major markets, including Germany, which was down 3%. The Italian market contracted 20% to 1.4 million vehicles, representing the lowest level since 1979 and the worst annual percentage decrease since 1993. Double-digit declines were also recorded in France (-14%) and Spain (-13%). The only major market to register growth was the UK, with demand increasing 5% over the prior year.

Group brands recorded a 6.3% combined share of the European market, slipping 0.6 percentage points over 2011. That decrease was largely attributable to the unfavorable market mix, as Italy’s weighting in the European total fell 1.7 p.p. for the year to 11.2% (12.9% in 2011). Notable performances included the Fiat Panda and 500, which remained the two best-selling models in the A segment with a combined 28.1% share. The Jeep brand also posted a 19% increase in sales over the prior year, despite the negative market trend, driving positive performance for the Group in the brand’s reference segments.

In Italy, the Group increased share by 0.2 p.p. to 29.6%. That result was primarily driven by performance in the A segment, where share reached 60%, and the Small MPV segment, where after just one quarter of sales the 500L was already positioned among the top 5. The Group also further strengthened its leadership in the alternative fuel segment (CNG and LPG).

In other major markets, share was higher in Spain (+0.2 p.p.) and the UK (+0.1 p.p.), which in 2012 was the Group’s third largest European market with 64,000 vehicles sold. Share was down in France (-0.3 p.p.) and Germany (-0.2 p.p.).

The European light commercial vehicle market (EU27+EFTA) registered a 12% contraction over 2011 to close the year with just 1,582,000 units sold.
Performance was heavily affected by the 33% year-over-year contraction in demand in Italy.

Fiat Professional closed the year with an 11.7% share3 of the European LCV market, a decline of approximately 0.8 percentage points that was entirely attributable to the unfavorable market mix. Excluding Italy, market share for other European markets was 0.2 percentage points higher at 9.2%. Group share of the Italian market was 42.7%, compared with 44.4% for 2011, when sales benefited from significant fleet renewal activity. The Fiat Ducato ranked among the best-selling commercial vehicles in its category for the 6th consecutive year and registered its highest ever segment share.

Products and Awards

During the first quarter, the Fiat brand presented the 2012 model year Punto, now also available with TwinAir Turbo and MultiJet II engines. Also introduced were the AWD version of the Fiat Freemont and the new Fiat Strada.

At the Geneva Motor Show in March, Fiat premiered the new 500L, the latest addition to the 500 family of models which also includes the hatchback, Abarth and Cabrio versions. The model was officially presented in July and introduced in markets across Europe during the third quarter with a selection of advanced gasoline and diesel engines. In September, new engine and transmission options for the 500L were presented to the automotive press. In confirmation of Fiat’s commitment to vehicle safety, the 500L was awarded the EuroNCAP 5 stars in November.

At the Paris Motor Show in September, Fiat presented the 4x4, Trekking and Natural Power versions of the new Panda. The Natural Power version is equipped with an all-new natural gas/gasoline TwinAir Turbo that is both highly responsive and eco-friendly. All three versions of the Panda were presented to the automotive press at a special media event in Balocco in October. Fiat also featured the Panda Natural Power at the sustainability-focused H2Roma and Ecomondo expos in November. At the prestigious annual Top Gear Awards, the British magazine Top Gear named the Panda 4x4 “SUV of the Year 2012”.

During the second quarter, Fiat Professional began accepting orders for the new Doblò XL. With its long wheel-base and high roof, the Doblò XL has the largest interior volume in its class.

For the fifth consecutive year, JATO (the global leader in automotive intelligence) recognized the Fiat brand for having the lowest CO2 emissions among the best selling cars in Europe in 2011, with an average of 118.2 g/km. Fiat was also first in the Group ranking, with average emissions down 2.6 g/km over the prior year to 123.3 g/km.

(3) Due to unavailability of official data for the LCV market since January 2011, figures reported beyond that date are an extrapolation and, therefore, marginal discrepancies with actual data may exist.

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